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Creator and Coach ~ Lynn El-Hillow

RSVP for a Session ~ Call 401~742~4426

Email ~ Coach Lynn

Fencing Session ~ Tuesdays from 5:30p to 7p

Reserve Your Spot on the Strip Today!®

$30 includes gear and training (Up to 4 fencers per session)

Rent Studio for Your Event ($150 for 3 hours plus $30 per person up to 15 fencers)

Available by Appointment; Square and Cash Accepted.

For those interested in being a Fitness Fencing Assistant, receive free training and fencing, a stipend of $10 per hour (10 hours per week ~ combination of online administration and assistant in session), must be a positive, people person, organized, driven, and knowledgeable of fitness and fencing techniques, email me for interest 14+ eligible. (Must become CPR/AED certified)

For those interested in being a licensed Fitness Fencing Coach, must be positive, people person, organized, driven, and knowledgeable of fitness and fencing techniques with 5 years experience as a trainer and/or fencer, email me for interest 30+ is eligible. $3000 for 3-month mentorship learning the trademark intellectual property of Fitness Fencing's course and mission for continued education in private fencing clubs, gyms (foam), and/or renting space in fencing studio for starting sessions as independent contractor for one year. (Private Lessons $75 for 90-minutes for our clients with $25 per hour overhead includes gear, marketing, and support) Fitness Fencing, llc receives 10% of gross profit of all sessions provided under creative (NDA) and coaching licenses (401c/1099) (Must become CPR/AED certified).

For those interested in training for United States Fencing Association and SERFA, time accrues toward requirement, see me for more details (Sign-up as a competitive member with USFA and SERFA ~ $75 for the fencing year includes fencing accident coverage, USFA magazine, and ability to train for and enter competitions. Purchase starter fencing kit of chosen sword from Blue Gauntlet ($110-150) and train 3 hours per week for one year prior to being eligible to compete. Electrical equipment is provided for beginner competitors.

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